Eastern Shore of Maryland Educational Consortium

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ESMEC Projects 
The following are examples of the work of ESMEC:


Yearly Summer Conference on Education 


ESMEC Energy Trust

The ESMEC Energy Trust was formed by the nine public school systems of the Eastern Shore in 2001.  The purpose of the Energy Trust is to purchase electricity as a consortium helping participants to minimize the increased costs of energy. 

Since the inception of the ESMEC Energy Trust, colleges, county and municipal governments have joined the Trust. 

As a licensed broker, the Energy Trust arranges for the purchases of electricity supply directly from the wholesale market, employing a combination of day-ahead market purchases with dollar-cost-averaged hedge purchases resulting in the lowest price at an acceptable level of risk.

During the existence of the Energy Trust, participants have seen a total increased energy cost avoidance of over $12 million.

Economic Impact Study

Under the auspices of the “BEACON” institute at Salisbury University, ESMEC works with BEACON to conduct, update, publish, and disseminate a study of the economic impact of public education on the Eastern Shore.

State Government

ESMEC organizes and coordinates meetings with the Office of the Governor, State Legislative Leaders, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland Legislative Delegation.

Each year, ESMEC creates and holds a summer education conference for members of Boards of Education and Superintendents.

The purpose of the conference is to share information and build the capacity of school system Boards of Education and Superintendents to address the challenges faced by the schools systems of the Eastern Shore to meet the needs of our children.

Leadership Support

ESMEC provides on-going support to local school systems for leadership development.   ESMEC coordinates the monthly meetings of the local Superintendents of Schools.   In addition, ESMEC coordinates meetings of school system representatives in the areas of finance, food service, transportation, school facilities, and human resources.

 Aspiring Principals

In cooperation with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), ESMEC sponsors the Eastern Shore Aspiring Principals Institute. This program provides regional staff development and training to educational professionals who aspire to be principals.